FFC Frankfurt arrived at their training camp in Side (Turkey) where they will face BV Cloppenburg on Saturday, January 25th and FC Zürich on Monday, January 27th.

FFC Frankfurt arrived at their training camp in Side (Turkey) where they will face BV Cloppenburg on Saturday, January 25th and FC Zürich on Monday, January 27th.

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DFB Hallenpokal tomorrow 

FFC Frankfurt will participate in the 20th edition of the DFB Hallenpokal in Magdeburg on Sunday! The prestigious tournament, which features all Frauensbundesliga teams, will beginn at 10am (4am EST) with FFC’s match against USV Jena. Last year, Frankfurt was kicked out in the quarter-finals by Turbine Potsdam who took home the cup in the end.Let’s see if our record-winning team (7 wins) can step up their game this year.

Roster (last minute changes are possible)::

Goal: Anne-Kathrine Kremer, Anke Preuß
Field: Alina Garciamendez, Melanie Behringer, Célia Sasic,
Dzsenifer Marozsán, Meike Weber, Kozue Ando, Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic, Bianca Schmidt, Asuna Tanaka, Peggy Kuznik


10.00 (4.00 am)  FFC Frankfurt - FF USV Jena
11.18 (5.18 am)1899 Hoffenheim - FFC Frankfurt
12.36 (6.36 am)  FFC Frankfurt - BV Cloppenburg

Full schedule (all teams, all stages)


Just like last year, DFB.TV will stream all matches live here (start: 9.45).

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Garefrekes extends her contract until 2014/15 

Captain Kerstin Garefrekes is the first player to renew her contract that would’ve expired at the end of this season. She will stay with the club for another year and play her eleventh season for FFC Frankfurt.

Kerstin Garefrekes: "I still enjoy playing soccer and even after many years of playing in the Bundesliga and with the national team, I still feel motivated to face future challanges with my team. I not only decided for a renewal because of our current success, but because of the way we grew together as a team in the last weeks and months."

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DFB Pokal FT: Werder Bremen - FFC Frankfurt 0:8 

0:1 Marozsán (‘5), 0:2 Alushi (29’), 0:3 Behringer (37’), 0:4 Grefrekes (49’) 0:5 Garefrekes (59’), 0:6 Šašić (67’), 0:7 Šašić (PE, 76’), 0:8 Crnogorcevic (86’)

SC Freiburg - BV Cloppenburg 1:0 (0:0)
USV Jena - SC Sand 0:2 (0:1)
SGS Essen - 1. FC Köln 5:2 (3:1)

The semi-finals will be played on April 12 and 13.

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FFC Frankfurt - TSG Hoffenheim 8:2 

1:0 Garefrekes (9’), 2:0 Andō (11’), 3:0 Behringer (25’), 4:0 Schmidt (33’), 5:0 Crnogorčević (37’), 5:1 Keilbach (54’), 5:2 Moser (55’), 6:2 Garefrekes (64’), 7:2 Šašić (66’), 8:2 Tanaka (90’)

Frankfurt remains unbeaten this season and at the top of the league. Next week, FFC will face Turbine Potsdam in the last match of the year.

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DFB Pokal: Quarterfinal 

In the next round of the DFB Pokal, FFC Frankfurt will face second-league team Werder Bremen in Bremen on either December 14 or 15.

The other encounters:

SC Freiburg - BV Cloppenburg

SGS Essen - 1. FC Köln

FF USV Jena - SC Sand

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Svenja Huth vom 1. FFC Frankfurt musste sich leider im August einer Kreuzband-Op unterziehen und ist nun täglich bei uns im Aufbautraining.

Svenja Huth:
Reha läuft gut, hier ein Foto vom Training :-) Sveni ♥



Svenja Huth vom 1. FFC Frankfurt musste sich leider im August einer Kreuzband-Op unterziehen und ist nun täglich bei uns im Aufbautraining.

Svenja Huth:

Reha läuft gut, hier ein Foto vom Training :-)
Sveni ♥

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Roster for the first World Cup Qualifier 

The roster for the first match after the EURO was originally identical to that of the tournament, only missing the injured Josephine Henning and Svenja Huth. However, after two further injuries, other players were called up instead. Among the 21 players, seven play for FFC Frankfurt.

Anja Mittag suffered from a small fracture in the right pinky and will go through surgery for that tomorrow. Alex Popp has been called up for her.

Jennifer Cramer suffers from an edema in her knee joint. Katharina Baunach has been called up instead.

The national team will face Russia on Saturday at 3pm (local time).


Nadine Angerer (Brisbane Roar)

Almuth Schult (VfL Wolfsburg)

Laura Benkarth (SC Freiburg)


Saskia Bartusiak (FFC Frankfurt)

Annike Krahn (Paris St. Germain)

Bianca Schmidt (FFC Frankfurt)

Leonie Maier (FC Bayern München)

Luisa Wensing (VfL Wolfsburg)


Melanie Behringer (FFC Frankfurt)

Lena Goeßling (VfL Wolfsburg)

Lira Bajramaj (FFC Frankfurt)

Isabelle Linden (Bayer Leverkusen)

Nadine Keßler (VfL Wolfsburg)

Katharina Baunach (FC Bayern München)

Simone Laudehr (FFC Frankfurt)

Melanie Leupolz (SC Freiburg)

Sara Däbritz (SC Freiburg)


Celia Sasic (FFC Frankfurt)

Lena Lotzen (FC Bayern München)

Dzsenifer Marozsán (FFC Frankfurt)

Alexandra Popp (VfL Wolfsburg)

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BuLi Round up: Matchday 1 

In FFC Frankfurt’s first game of the 2013/14 season, the team beat SC Freiburg 0:2.

Following an assist from the left side by Simone Laudehr, Bianca Schmidt was able to put the ball into the net for FFC’s first goal of the season in the 16th minute of the game. Afterwards, the team missed a number of good chances, but showed a great performance in the midfield where Melanie Behringer and Asuna Tanaka were able to stop most attacks by the hosts. In the 52nd minute, Frankfurt was finally able to use one of their many chances when Dzsenifer Marozsan directly converted a free kick from a 20 meter distance into the 0:2 lead. Freiburg never backed down, but were only able to test Preuß with long-distance shots.

SC Freiburg: Benkarth – Igwe (77’ O’Sullivan), Clark (20’ Starke), Abbe, Störzel - Däbritz, Maier, Hegenauer (46’ Höfflin), Savin - Arnold, Leupolz

FFC Frankfurt: Preuß - Schmidt, Kuznik, Bartusiak, Weber (90’ Bajramaj) - Tanaka, Behringer (82’ Ando) - Garefrekes, Laudehr – Maroszan (86’ Crnogorcevic), Sasic

Goals: 0:1 Schmidt (16’), 0:2 Marozsan (52’)

Goals (starting at -4.05)

Colin Bell: “We stood very good defensively and didn’t allow a lot of chances. What we do need to change, however, is our finishing performance in front of the goal.”

Overview matchday 1


VfL Wolfsburg - Bayern München 1:1 (0:1)

Bayer 04 Leverkusen - FCR 2001 Duisburg 3:0 (2:0)

SC Freiburg - FFC Frankfurt 0:2 (0:1)

Turbine Potsdam - FF USV Jena 1:1 (0:1)

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim - VfL Sindelfingen 1:0 (0:0)

SGS Essen - BV Cloppenburg 3:3 (1:1)

Upcoming matches

Bayern München - SC Freiburg

FFC Frankfurt - SGS Essen

VfL Sindelfingen - Turbine Potsdam

BV Cloppenburg - Bayer 04 Leverkusen

FCR 2001 Duisburg - 1899 Hoffenheim

FF USV Jena - VfL Wolfsburg

Further notes

  • Due to a minor hand injury shortly before kick off, Desirée Schumann had to sit out this match. New Kid Anke Preuß was her substitute and did a good job in her first match for FFC Frankfurt.
  • As expected, Kerstin Garefrekes is the new captain of the team.
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First line up of the season: SC Freiburg vs. FFC Frankfurt 

Preuss - Schmidt, Kuznik, Bartusiak, Weber - Tanaka, Laudehr - Garefrekes, Marozsán, Behringer - Sasics

Bench: Kremer, Schumann, Garciamendez, Bajramaj, Ando, Crnogorcevic

Kim Kulig, Babett Peter and Svenja Huth are still out due to longterm injuries and Desirée Schumann is still not completely fit.

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Season Round up: The Recap  

And here’s the second part of our season round up, recapping all significant events between July 16 2012 and August 23 2013 incl. Round up-links, transfers and contract info, injuries etc.

Read More

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Season Round up: Transfers II  

After the short summary of what happened last season, here’s to the new one.

IV. Who will join the team this season.

Colin Bell (until 2015) is Frankfurt’s new head coach. After the club had tried two internal options, the former coach of SC Bad Neuenahr was chosen to lead the team back to the Champions League. Bell, who was born in England, started his career at Leicester City and eventually played for FSV Mainz 05 in the second Bundesliga. His former stations as a coach include TuS Koblenz, Dynamo Dresden, FC Köln, Waldhof Mannheim and Preußen Münster. Kai Rennich (assistant coach) and André Wachter (goalkeeper coach) both keep their positions.

22-year old central defender Alina Garciaméndez (until 2015) impressed the club officials in a one-week training camp last winter and now joins the team for good. She captained the Mexican U20 national team during the World Cup in Germany and became a member of the senior team in 2010. She last played for Stanford where she won the championship in 2011 and was part of the 2012 Soccer America MVP-team.

After she also trained with FFC during the winter break, Asuna Tanaka (until 2015) transferred to FFC from Japanese club INAC Kobe Leonessa where she won three titles in 2010 and 2011. She can play both as a center back and in the defensive midfield.

One year after the first attempt to sign her, Célia Šašić (until 2016) and FFC agreed on a three-year contract. With the expectations that come with Frankfurt’s #9 jersey, the club hopes that she’ll use her goal machine skills for Frankfurt in the upcoming season.

Stefanie Peil (until 2015) was promoted to the extended squad after she played an impressive season in Frankfurt’s youth team. The 16-year old central defender has been with the club since 2011.

Anke Preuß (until 2015) will take on the role as the second goalkeeper next to FFC’s new #1 Desirée Schumann. The 20-year old transfers from the newly promoted TSG 1899 Hoffenheim to Frankfurt. She also gained experience in Duisburg where she played both in the second and the Bundesliga team. Last year, she was part of Germany’s squad for the U20 World Cup.

16 year-old Miriam Hanemann has been playing in the club since 2012 and will be part of FFC’s extended squad. She was part of various U-national teams and will get regular playing time in the second team.

Peggy Kuznik (until 2015) was FFC’s seventh and last signing of the season. Shortly after Svenja Huth tore her ACL, the club signed the defender who had originally transferred from SC Bad Neuenahr to VfL Wolfsburg after last season, but had decided to leave the club again due to personal reasons.

V. What’s next.

And here’s the list of players whose contracts will expire at the end of the 2013/14 season (although we can probably take an extension of Desi’s contract for granted):

  • Ana Maria Crnogorcevic
  • Desirée Schumann
  • Kerstin Garefrekes
  • Kim Kulig
  • Kozue Ando
  • Lira Bajramaj
  • Lise Overgaard-Munk
  • Melanie Behringer
  • Anne-Kathrine Kremer
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Season Round up: Transfers I  

Hey everyone, we’re only 1.5 weeks away from the start of the new Bundesliga season and in order to get you in the mood, we’ll give you a short recap of the past season and all the info you’ll need for the 2013/14 season. The first of our three-part series will deal with transfers,.

I. Who left after the 2011/12 season.

Jessica Landström (2010-12) already signed with Swedish club Djurgårdens IF in April but since so many players were injured at the end of the season, FFC declined to release her early on. Now she’s playing for Kopparberg/Göteborgs FC, where she’s mostly a bench player.

Gina Lewandowski (2007-2012) joined FFC’s DFB Pokal nightmare FC Bayern München where she made 15 appearances.

Ria Percival (2011-12) played the last Bundesliga season for USV Jena and renewed her contract for another year.

II. Who came in the 2012/13 season.

  • Babett Peter (Turbine Potsdam)
  • Bianca Schmidt (Turbine Potsdam)
  • Jessica Wich (Hamburger SV)
  • Sandrine Brétigny (Olympique Lyonnais)
  • Lise Overgaard-Munk (Brøndby IF)
  • Kozue Ando (FCR 2001 Duisburg)
  • Tameka Butt (Brisbane Roar)

III. Who left after the 2012/13 season.

Sandra Smisek (2005-2013) ended her soccer career after eight years at FFC. After the last match of the season, which FFC lost 1-2 against Bayern München, she criticized the club’s management for the way they handled the “announcement” of her final match. Here's a recap in case you missed it. Since then, however, it was reported that Smi and Siggi Dietrich talked about the situation and made peace.

Saki Kumagai (2011-2013) didn’t renew her contract and instead signed with Champions League runner-ups Olympique Lyonnais.

Nadine Angerer (2009-2013) will be playing for Brisbane Roar in the W-League until the end of the year. Afterwards, she’ll join a yet unspecified team in the NWSL. Despite her departure, she plans to remain Germany’s #1 goalkeeper and has no plans to end her career any time soon.

Sandrine Brétigny (2012-2013) and FFC terminated her contract one year early. After a series of minor injuries and six goals in 14 games, she became a bench player for the French national team in the EURO. Brét has now returned to France and will play for Juvisy FCF in the upcoming season.

Silvana Chojnowski's (2011-2013) goal in the Champions League match against Malmö attracted the attention of U20 coach Maren Meinert who called her up for last year's World Cup, where she finished in second place. Back in Frankfurt, Silvana only played for the second team and now hopes to get more playing time with 1899 Hoffenheim.

Theresa Panfil (2012-2013) left a good impression in her two short appearances in the last season and will join Bayer 04 Leverkusen for the upcoming season.

Valeria Kleiner (2010-2013) spent one more year in Frankfurt to recover from her severe ACL/MCL injury and play for the second team. She now joined FC Bayern München and will hopefully return to her old form.

After three years as a backup player, Jasmin Herbert (2010-2013) will from now on only play for FFC’s second team.

After only a few months in Germany, Tameka Butt (2013) left Frankfurt again, citing personal reasons. However, other reports name the Australian soccer federation’s wish for national team players to play at home as the true reason. Tameka scored three goals in eight matches.

Three months after her “comeback” in September, Ali Krieger (2007-2012) decided to leave Frankfurt and play for Washington Spirit in the newly opened NWSL. She’s now using the offseason to play for Sweden’s Tyresö FF.

After spending most of the season on the bench, Sara Thunebro (2009-2013) also left FFC Tyresö FF in March for in order to get in shape for the EURO on home soil.

Next up: The 2013/14 New Kids!

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FFC at a bike benefit in Bad Hersfeld 

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